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Post GK*Walter_Oesau
Hello there; just introducing myself for the enlistment process.

Let's see; my name is David **** from Hamilton Ontario Canada. I'm 33, married , 3 girls (Savannah age 12, Sierra age 3 and Aurora age 18 months). We have a little home that also includes our cat Mirage and dog Cody. I work for Ford doing quality checks on instrument panels (pretty brain dead work but better than any "educated jobs " i've done).

I have always been interested in military history and such. As a child I would play with my soldiers all day in the back garden, which turned into wargaming with Napoleonics and anything else. My main interest has been WWII as it had such an enormous impact on the course of history, and had such a variety of scenarios and theatres. OVer the last few years I have gotten into flight combat simulators and have discovered a love of flying which I would one day like to do in real life. Games such as European air war and Microsoft combat sim lead to Il2 sturmovik which is the only game I play. I spend too much time playing I'm sure and my wife would like to throw me out the door for it sometimes.

As far as my flying skills go; there are better pilots out there than me but I think I am a pretty decent pilot on the whole. I fly almost exclusively on skies of valor, but I do go on warclouds and such for the occasional no externals challenge. I love to do co ops and have done a few missions of a campaign of the sort your group likes to do. I find flying with at least a wingman to greatly enhance performance on skies of valor but many just don't do that. I remember a few of the blue team (including JG5_Rails) started co operating on the OPeration shingle map which is ripe with spits. Flying an fW (my favorite plane) we tore many spits apart simply by working together, when many other times the spits would have run ramshot over the blues.

As far as what I could bring to the group. As stated earlier, I think I'm a pretty decent pilot who can fly a number of different plane types. I always fly blue unless teams need balancing as I prefer the German side. I was a 109 man until I forced myself to get used to the fw 190s characteristics and now I much prefer the 190. I also really enjpy flying ki27s and ki43s. ground attack missions are fun to do wheather they are in an fw 190 or a bomber. I like to have fun but I do take the combat seriously and try my best to come out alive and victorious.

Things to improve

I mostly fly with externals so I would need to do some more flying without them to become more accustomed. I am also more used to having some icons and read outs so my instrument flying needs more practice (although I have of course done it). Formation flying could also use some work, as I don't tend to do that very often with servers the way they are.
I worry about time also, as my shifts switch every two weeks. I'll be home at 3:00 am latest for the next two weeks for example, and then i'll be back to days at which point i'll be available late evening. Of course weekends I can be free in the evenings barring a family night. I guess we can just see how it goes.

I feel like i've been rambling but that should about sum it up.

Thankyou for your time and invitation



Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:40 pm
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Post Re: GK*Walter_Oesau
Thanks for applying Dave. Should discuss your application soon within the squad.


Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:27 pm
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Post Re: GK*Walter_Oesau
Approved to fulfill a probation period! Welcome aboard!


Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:08 pm
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