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Medar app 
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Post Medar app
~S~ all.

Many of you know my name (if not have flown with me) from FS, and a few from SoV. I have been flying with =AVG= since last Fall...which was my first and only IL-2 squadron ever. I talked to my CO there and explained I have been aching to fly German aircraft on a more regular basis and wanted to concentrate more on dogfighting than we have in the past, and he gave me his blessing to move on. That was important to me - as I have many good friends in =AVG=, I am leaving a great squadron (1sq comprising of Big_Fred, BigO, etc), and will certainly maintain those friendships even though I have resigned my commission there. I also let him know I had my eyes set on 14./JG5, and he wished me luck. So there's the preface!

Personal information about yourself
Name is Geoffrey, have been born and raised in the USA my whole life. Am a working professional with a love of WWII aircraft, fostered by my father's job and his love of taking me to airshows as a kid. Technically I am over half-German, so have always been interested in that side of my heritage, but also have Irish and Dutch in I usually just celebrate them all and drink beer.

Why you would like to join "The Fists"
Because from flying with the Axis side in FS, and then later against in the next phase - I considered your squads and group to be among the best dogfighters in FS, if not the best. Combine that with my love of flying the Me-109 and to a lesser extent the 190, and it looks to be a good fit. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time in AVG and have NOTHING bad to say about any time there - I would prefer to be behind a P-40 rather than in one :)

An honest personal assessment of what positives you would bring to our team, and what areas you would like to improve.
I am a team player, and a decent wingman. I am certainly no Erich Hartmann or Gunther Rall...but I listen well, I can perform duties given to me, and I learn quickly. I was re-introduced to IL-2 by a buddy of mine who had found Joint-Ops in the Summer of 2008. At that time I could barely get off the ground, let alone land in one piece. Shooting stuff was a little easier for me, but I was by no means proficient. So I attended JO with him, and made it through Basic Flight School. Wow - hey I can land! I was hooked. At the time I "wrapped up" my membership at JO, I had taken every flight class they offered, accumulated enough points to be a Scholar Graduate, and made some solid friends along the way - and graduated in right at 12 months. I am still active there and fly random events with them as much as possible - please reference V411RN_Medar if you are over there.

One other big thing I can offer is that I am not the best dogfighter among your group (knowing some of your capabilities)...but I find my skills improving when I am around those better than me. So I can offer not only someone to teach...but someone that will be an immediate part of the group, and eventually a solid wingman in the sky. But that's not to say I am a slacker. I had the highest number of kills in my Group for FS...something I took quiet pride in. Of course I also lost a few aircraft protecting my flight lead or wingman along the way - so it all evens out. I ain't the best - but I am no slacker either.

21 or older
Check! Am in my 30s...and will admit to my real age if asked. I prefer to fly with adults or this is a great thing to see.

Active. Very active
This might be my only weak point. It's summer time, kids are out of school, and it gets dark later here in the midwest. But I will fly at any point I am available...and sometimes when I bargain with the wife. Even if that turns out not to be enough, I still want to give it a shot.

Proficiency in Full Switch settings
The last time I flew FS I was so proficient that I juked left, Crash juked right, we both scissored, and I put my P-39 right into his ass. OK bad example...but a few of you will know me from FS. I prefer full-switch and have no stomach for Wonder-Woman flying. I can taxi, take-off, land, and occasionally shoot things, preferably bad guys.

Proficiency in German aircraft, both fighter and ground attack, with abilities is all aircraft.
Love the 109. Looove it. 190 is fun too, but am better in a 109. Can fly any aircraft including bombers, and can dive bomb, level bomb, and make big craters with my fuselage as well.

Check. TS2 and 3, and Ventrilo. All covered.

Must fly, or be willing to fly the online campaign we participate in on a regular basis.

Personable: An enjoyable wingman.
I am competitive enough to rarely enjoy getting shot down (unless practicing or training)...but I am adult enough to understand that I am not the best in the sky and if I am not smart, it happens. Plus I can crack jokes all the way to sea level, flaming or not.

Interested in a dedicated squadron of skilled pilots focused on mission accomplishment through camaraderie and character.
This is a must and something I missed greatly when we swapped from Axis to Allied. I could see the teamwork on the other side (you guys, etc)...and MY group had teamwork, but my overall team lacked the planning and cohesiveness to get the job done. I am looking forward to a Group that values this.

~S~ all.

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Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:44 pm
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Post Re: Medar app
Thanks for the application! We'll review it, discuss it, and get back to you shortly via PM on our acceptance decision.



Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:50 pm
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Post Re: Medar app
Your application has been accepted for Probationary status! Welcome aboard, and good luck during your Recruiting period!


Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:59 pm
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